of using the big sword before, and instead raised his palm.

In an 西安桑拿网 instant, one after another huge fireball suddenly appeared above the two people’s heads. The fireball then, like a bullfight releasing a gate, slammed into these hanging spiders.

It was the impact that the fireball was huge, and when it was shot, it really gave Tina this shocking feeling like a collision.

She just blinked for a while, and she looked very powerful, and would bring a hard fight spider, which was roasted into coke.

“You…you are not a swordsman?” The maid of the twins asked subconsciously at this moment.

“Well, yes, my profession is a knight.” Boss Luo turned around and explained briefly.

“Then you seemed to be rubbing a fireball just now?” The maid felt that, in fact, maybe she was wrong. The fireball that was rubbed out seemed so powerful that it could burn herself to death even if it was placed outside the chessboard?

When will the servants in the chessboard space get such terrifying skills when they are promoted?

“Yeah, can’t the Cavaliers rub the fireball?” Boss Luo couldn’t help asking curiously.

What this means is that as a warrior, you can’t use magic?

“No… it’s not impossible.” The maid smiled reluctantly at this time, and explained, “It’s just that I rarely see it, but it doesn’t 西安耍耍网 mean it doesn’t.”

Boss Luo nodded, and immediately said, “But I only have this fireball at the moment. Magic skills. The means of attack seem to be relatively simple.” The

maid smiled, that’s it, the face of the nasty European, the noble son of the Bohemian family, is this face.

Yes, yes, it is almost certain that this is another guy who is the model of the noble son of Bohemia. Perhaps, until the final defeat, he can maintain the joy of this smoothness. Is it the greatest shelter his luck has given him?

“How about your usual luck?” The maid lady who had already figured out about it, she relaxed a lot at this time, and when she talked, she seemed a lot more natural.

The gift of potion is like a pebble thr