nation of the irresistible deduction about the collapse of the ruble and the inherent weakness of the Soviet physique, as well as the operation method of Hogwarts in this, using the 西安桑拿网 rules to reasonably grab huge wealth.

Slytherin dormitory obviously just Hogwarts Castle in the lower body, the girl’s mind seemed above the dome, rambled the kneading together a variety of seemingly unrelated information.

Through a large number cents The calculations of meaningless numbers are superimposed on each other, from the British Isles to the American continent on the other side of the ocean, from the calm after the loud noise in 1945 to the surging of the dark tide in 1991, like precision gears. , As if it were a prophecy, to predict the great changes that are about to take place. No, it is even more terrifying than the prophecy, as if a high god is moving a chess piece, it makes people feel powerless.

The moment it was transported from Jin Jialong into Hogwarts Castle. At the beginning, they don’t need to do anything. Unlike any previous plans and programs, this is an event that starts directly from the result. You only need to wait quietly for the time to finalize the settlement.

“Arithmetic fortune telling? No, we will take it. Called science. Or, scientific deduction.”

Elena shook her head slightly, explaining in a hoarse voice, the light in her eyes was particularly bright. 西安夜生活论坛 The

most essential difference between the magical world and the non-magical world is not the economic system. Or the level of technological power, but the difference between the two social thinking. Perhaps magic and non-magic are artificially separated, but science and magic are not opposites and equivalents

from the beginning . Ordinary people have a more visionary vision than wizards from the beginning . Narrow, but this is not a reason to hinder them from cognizing the world.

Science is the way that non-magical humans recognize the world. All seemingly incredible magic is just that the current level of technology can