d up, and what was left was fishy silt. This situation also gave Nanjing Longfeng and others a vague guess about the burying method at that time.

To put it simply, the Japanese people at that time simply sank their secrets into the lake, and used labor to directly fill the lake where the treasure was buried!

After Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix spoke out 西安夜生活论坛 his guess, everyone couldn’t help looking at the peninsulas that stretched into the lake. If the facts are as guessed, are the other peninsulas also caused by artificial landfills?

“Jia Ya, send people to various peninsulas to find some of the biggest trees and cut them down to see the growth rings.” Huo Heng came back to his senses and made arrangements after learning from Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix’s previous operations, 西安夜生活第一论坛网 as long as the growth rings of these trees are not. More than 80 years, theoretically speaking, we can verify Nanjing Longfeng’s guess from the side!

Chapter 412: Treasures of

Filling Lakes to Build Lands Hundreds of rusty chains are laid out on the grassy grass sprayed with insect repellent and snake powder by the muddy lake. These chains came from the edge of the other peninsulas deep into 西安夜生活网 the lake. Their discovery also strongly supports Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix’s speculation. The peninsula near this island that extends into the lake is likely to be landfilled by Japan’s own nuclear recruits during World War II.

Nanjing Longfeng grabbed the chair and sat down at will, “It has been basically confirmed that the previous guess is likely to be correct, Brother Huo, the rest is up to your 新西安夜网 people.”

“It’s a small matter . ” Huo Heng stretched out his hand to call Jiaya, “Contact the legal department and buy the lake and the nearby land.”

“Mr. Good” Jiaya bowed slightly and took out the satellite phone and walked a few steps away.

The “local tyrant” Nanjing Longfeng’s mouth twitched. He didn’t intend Huo Heng to buy this place.

The excavation site a few hundred meters away is still in 西安夜网论坛 full swing, and it has not stopped