Shrike feels uncomfortable when he 西安夜生活论坛 thinks about this. Every time most of the weapons in his hands are test products, you never know whether this weapon will kill the enemy first, or It explodes in your hands first, like that damned armor of original sin.

So what did they add?

I don’t know, but the object should be quite special. After all, it was shipped directly from the Burhans Arms Factory.

Blue Jade had been fortunate to be there. 西安夜生活网 For her, just mentioning the name felt hot and hot

. The largest military-industrial center in Ervig, during the Glorious War, where as much metal as a small mountain was melted every day, hundreds of trains transported the deadly weapons from it. It is said that the scale of the steam furnace there is second only to the machinery. The courtyard can be regarded as the industrial center of Inervig.

Shrike 新西安夜网 pondered, then took out a piece of paper and wrote.

What are you writing? Will it?


The place we are going to is very dangerous. Maybe we will die in it. My position is so special. I have to hand over the job. You really love work.

Lan Jade raised an eyebrow, and a dedicated shrike Different, she was reluctant at first for this job.

Lan Jade was born in a seaside town. Her father 西安夜生活第一论坛网 died early. After her mother remarried, her stepfather was also a drunk. She looked forward to Lan Jade’s growth all day so that he could do this. The beautiful stepdaughter married a big family, and exchanged such a gift for the elderly. To

tell the truth, it was not a good memory, and even said that it was a breakdown. The drunk stepfather looked at the growing blue jade , Her eyes had a different meaning, in order to escape this damn fate, Lan Jade hid in the truck one day, she didn’t know where it would take herself, but she only hoped to get away from this nightmare place. The farther the better.

She lived for several days on the bread that she brought before getting into the car and the condensation on the copper pipes. When the car door was opened