meeting to open their second and even third-level files.

“Come on, this is some experimental data of these years, I come to you explain all these years of achievement oh, you need to drink it? I will make the lower servants sent, the Creator of the record down the food.”

The The service attitude was so good that it exploded.

Boss Luo shook his head. He didn’t know if it was funny or angry. He coldly thought of Taiyin, and unexpectedly felt that this platform had a high affinity with Taiyin.

“I want to see your results on experiment number 00.” Boss Luo still pressed the impulse to watch the information of experiment number 09 for the time being.

He thinks that if the information can be moved, then naturally there is no need to rush to read it, and read it when you are alone.

I saw the Central Tower shook his head at this time and said: “In the resurrection plan of Subject 00, it did appear, but the moment the experiment was about to achieve a breakthrough that exceeded zero, the laboratory suddenly had an accident and fled the laboratory.

” ?” Boss Luo frowned.

The central tower nodded and said: “The 西安耍耍网 accidental damage caused me to fall into a short-term dormancy. After I restarted, I had lost news. In addition, the batch of human beings that I created as laborers also took advantage of my restart. During the period, I escaped from the test site. Not only that, the subject number 08 was also due to the accident. When I was restarted, some creatures outside the test site were also hitting the door of the test site. I had to start emergency procedures and plan these. The failed items that escaped were cleaned up.”

“So,” Boss Luo moved in his heart, “There is a huge crack in front of the gate outside the test site. There are many bones of giant beasts above the crack. They all died in this removal? “

“It should be.” The central tower nodded, “The attack revealed the door, and the strong attack should have also changed the 西安夜生活论坛 geographical structure of the outside. As for how much it has ch