n’t be too late .”

Colt pondered for a moment, and after reconfirming that all the preparations were completed, he stopped. He drew the’counter-tuning’ dagger from his arms, clenched his hands tightly, and slowly 西安夜网论坛pierced it into the stone gate.

Across three inches, Shimen was shaken and dust danced wildly.


Chapter 341 Siege


As the blade advances, a continuous loud noise burst out of thin air, as if a layer of barriers in the void were penetrated and shattered by the counterpoint. Every loud noise will set off a frenzy in the sea of ??ether.

In the center of that frenzy, Ye Qingxuan only felt his body tremble, almost suffocating.

The sharp look in Colt’s eyes flashed past, and he took a step forward.

The sword entered the stone gate.

Immediately, the underground palace trembles, and roars burst out one after another.

A violent light emerged from the door door. It was countless delicate and frantic musical notes. They entangled each other, formed intervals, evolved music theory, formed a complex and huge matrix like vines, and gathered on the stone door.

Covers every inch of space.西安夜生活论坛

With the penetration of the counterpoint, one of the terminal loops was cut off, and then, the scalp-tingling harsh sound burst out of thin air. It is a time-keeping interpretation, a melody that completely reverses the theory and notes of music.

For the gates of the underworld, this is’virulent poison’!

In a flash, 西安耍耍网 the defensive matrix of the gate of the underworld disintegrated, a frantic etheric wave burst, loud noises roared, and the underground palace was turbulent. Countless sounds collided with each other and rushed upward under the push of huge pressure.

Finally, the tide-like’waves’ spewed out of the mine and washed up into the sky.

It made a scream like the earth broke.

In the sky, the resident masters unanimously lowered their heads and looked in the direction of the mine with clear eyes.

――It finally started.

And right in the depths of the underground p