t person in the magical world… even greater

than Harry Potter!” Dobby Tears accumulated in his eyes, and he seemed to want to hold his thigh and cry.

Ivan was speechless. It seemed that Harry’s name as the savior was only worth Sicho’s salary every Monday and 西安夜生活论坛 two days of vacation.

[Ding, a new legendary event has been generated!] When

Ivan was about to comfort Dobby, the system prompt sounded in his mind.

Chapter 364 Damaged Time Converter

Ivan’s attention was immediately drawn to the past. Since the prompt appears at this time, it is likely to be related to his time shuttle this time, so I opened the system bar to check it.

[Legend title: Ouroboros

Legendary event: You use the power of the time converter to go back to the past, complete the history, and direct the result in the expected direction. Although the process is rarely known, it is still worth rewarding…

Legend: 1

Special reward: Stable time-space node (already issued in advance)

Note: Are you playing with time, or time playing with you? ]

“Serpent?” 西安夜生活网 Ivan looked at the title of a legend, in the heart silently to himself.

Ouroboros is a snake that swallows its tail. It can consume itself as a nourishment, and then grow and be consumed forever. A fantasy creature or state is often used to symbolize time and space and the universe, representing an infinite cycle…

It is also very appropriate to use this to describe his experience these days.

If he takes the day he goes home in the 西安桑拿网 last school year as a time node, and when he uses the time converter as another node, then the two are indeed in a constant loop…

After all, there is no future self returning to three months ago. Arrange the scene so that he will not see the death of “Asia”, and then get the time converter and start planning to go back to three months ago to do all this, so that the past self can see the “death” of Asia How to get the time converter to plan how to arrange the scene…

Just thinking about it, Ivan felt a bit headache. He immedi