frown. She 西安夜网论坛 has been on her way since the exit, and for the first time, she has watched boss Luo speak: “Where is Mr. Otto?”

“Not anymore.” Luo Qiu said casually, “When I came back, he was no longer there. . ”

“? is it not convenient to go to the “Claudia frowned, immediately asked:”? How long have you back ” ”

great half an hour of it, “Luo Qiu looked at the time,” see you. I fell asleep, so I didn’t wake you up.”

“For half an 西安夜生活论坛 hour?” Claudia quickly sat up and looked at the place where Mr. Otto was staying. Nothing was left except that. Yes, beyond the dead branches with lizard meat.

“He couldn’t have walked for so long without a reason?” Claudia looked at Luo Qiu warily, and then quickly got up and ran out.

Boss Luo didn’t care either. After breaking a dead branch and throwing it into the fire,西安夜生活第一论坛网 he took a book and looked like it was on fire.

This is actually from Teacher Purin, but Boss Luo borrowed it from Teacher Purin, and Teacher Purin gave it quite readily.

Not long after, Claudia ran back in a hurry, looking slightly panicked, “Aria is gone! Camel, water and food, all gone! He left us! But Mr. Otto ”

But Mr. Otto is gone!

Suddenly, Claudia thought of two possibilities. The first one. Luo Qiu killed Mr. Otto and Aria while he was asleep and hid them. Water and supplies, but obviously he has no motivation to do so.

Then the second one.

Otto and Aria left together, and took away all the water and food, but why did they do this?

“What the hell… what happened?” Claudia sat down feebly, feeling a huge sense of fear, even though there was a strong fire in front of 西安耍耍网 him, she still felt cold, “When is it, you… Are you still in the mood for reading? Well, where

did you get the book?” Without paying attention to Claudia’s last question, Boss Luo closed the fairy tale book and said calmly, “Then Claudia, do you think we are next What should I do?”

“Of course it is to catch up!” Claudia said slightly angrily: “Why are you like this! Since you have returned long ago and found