w was a long and tattered street with no one, and there was nothing but ruins all around. Even the house she had stayed in 西安夜生活网 seemed to have already collapsed.

And it was a long, long time ago.

She looked down, and what was pressed by her body was the face of a dilapidated puppet, which had been eroded by the years and became blurred.


a beam of light was released from the top of the Mount Shenshan in the distance.

“? … The real spirit of the town,” the doctor Ingles heard this, first hesitated and then only frown: “?? How do we say these words have been where the spirit of the town, is false,”

“can not be regarded Fake it.” Boss Luo thought for a while and said: “I can only say that it is the homeland of elves that once existed.”

“It used to exist…once, existed?” Geers lowered his head and pondered, and immediately looked at the motionless. As if thinking of something, he subconsciously said: 西安耍耍网 “Time…The time has passed! Now, now is tomorrow! Tomorrow!”

“Not tomorrow” at this moment, suddenly raised his head, his eyes still looked hollow. She murmured: “It was yesterday, a long, long time ago. It was me and I made the yesterday.”

Geers was about to ask.

Suddenly, a large number of black patterns burst out of her body at this time, and even grew from her body all the way to the shattered temple corridor.

It 西安桑拿网 continued to spread for an instant, and it grew a distance of nearly fifty or sixty meters.

After that, black plant rhizomes appeared on the ground, wrapped their legs around them and continued to grow, and they would be sent high above the sky.

The huge purple-black leaves will eventually be wrapped directly in.

It was too late to be shocked, because a figure was falling rapidly from above, and slammed into the floor in front of Boss Luo and Dr. Geers, and raised a lot of dust.

At this time, Dr. Geers gritted his teeth and turned his mind. He actually rushed forward, reached out and stopped in front of Boss Luo, shouting: “Be careful! It’s dangerous!”

He seem