olved rely on one person, there is no need to tangle in front of this man’s body with hunting magic, after all, now a corner of the old spirit of London where there is a positive jump hunting magic.

Lorenzo stretch After a lazy waist woke up from the top, looking at the ceiling covered with posters, he decided to try the dishes he woke up this morning and saw the first restaurant poster.

Looking up at the stars? What the hell

Lorenzo thought to play a sneeze, looked at the glass covered with frost, winter comes.西安夜生活第一论坛网

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XII Detective Zhang

Actually sometimes a lot of things are put together and it’s nothing, but they can cause some strange chemical reactions when they are put together.

Lorenzo has eaten a lot of strange food, whether it is hunting monsters in the sect, or and high Luna Luo tour of the Seleucids, he met a worse situation, more difficult to eat something to eat, those who may have never had the front of this damn thing to his great impact.

in the old Dun spiritual life In the past six years, Lorenzo has heard the name of this dish, but he has only heard it. He rarely comes to restaurants. Generally, he will solve everything at home. But now looking at the dish in front of him, his There is a little trance in life.

Whether it is fish head or cheese or pizza, these things look good on their own and are edible, but when they are put together they become like some kind of mixture of monsters. It is full of absurdity.

Looking at these erected fish heads in front of him , Lorenzo’s old face is not dark. This is looking up at the starry sky, this is not a dead eye! Every fish head has widened eyes, as if to Lorenzo Accuse this non-fish 西安耍耍网encounter. It’s okay

, it’s okay, but don’t look at it again. Lorenzo picked up a sandwich and walked out of the restaurant without looking back. He

Today is a new day, no troublesome people , There is no trouble, which is really good.

got on a steam tram and rumbling ir