, there are more than a dozen glass wine bottles on the table. The bottles are filled with pungent high shochu.

The four men ate and drank silently, raising their heads from time 西安夜生活论坛 to time, looking at the closed warehouse door through the glass window of the cabin.

A violent thunder’rumbled’ through the air, and a man suddenly chuckled: “Good weather, this kind of weather is my lord’s favorite.”

“Master’s sacrifice will definitely succeed.” The other man didn’t. No regrets, he clicked his mouth: “It’s a pity, there are a few of those little girls who are exceptionally well-born, why don’t you let the brothers get cooler first.”

“Shut up…” A slightly older man sneered He said, “If you want to die, don’t take me unlucky. They are the reborn mothers of the master, and the new body of the master will be conceived from them… Let’s get cool first?”

The man lowered his voice: “You mean, do you want to be a name, the father of the master?” The

four men showed weird smiles at the same time. They looked at each other, and then laughed happily.

This kind of taboo, dangerous, and provocative topic of great men’s majesty is obviously, within them, it is also a popular leisure activity.

“Drink!” A man grabbed the wine bottle and shook it vigorously: “It’s a pity, that little girl, Henie Wei, runs too fast. If you can catch her smoothly, hey, brothers It can be cool.”

Another man 西安夜生活网 sighed softly: “Who would have thought? I actually ran into that group of idiots. Although they are all highlanders, it must be said that the group can only slap The knife hacking guy is a complete idiot.”

“If it weren’t for the conflict with the killer obsessive believer, Henie Wei could not escape.” The older man’Gudong, Gudong’ poured some shochu, his eyes turned red, and said with great regret: “Hey, Think about it, such a delicate and tender big noble lady, tut…Compared to the women in Lily’s house…Tut…” The

four men stopped speaking, and they raised their wine bottles one after another. With spirits.