ed for a long time on the ice. But the ice layer is not glass after all, and the uneven texture image is not clear. After watching for a long time, the goat man was not sure whether the wagging tail was an illusion or a branch. They looked at each other and felt that it should be just an oolong. Every day, every day, I was suspicious, and sooner or later I scared me to death. Bunnyman turned over and sat on the ice, touching his neck with cold sweat. He decided to wait for the next time the natives came to flatter, frighten them, and embolden himself. wrong! wrong! The goat man looked behind the bunny man, but 西安桑拿按摩 suddenly jumped and screamed like crazy: The ice is about to break! Something! Something is coming up! Run! Run! Help! Help! The sound of cracking and cracking of the ice layer, easily overshadowed the two hapless calls for help. And the sound that followed was like two stones rubbing against each other. Richard originally planned to entertain Bernard and Vera, but things are not always what everyone wants. Before the guests settled down, the accident came first. grown ups. Hutt walked to Richard’s side with a sullen face, and whispered to his ears: something went wrong over the iron mine. A bunny man ran back to report, but was so badly hurt that he lost his breath before he could speak. Chapter 186, Lord, look. Hutt bent down to pick up a stump, and handed it to his lord. interesting. Richard took it in his hand and looked at 西安全城安排网 it repeatedly, then threw it on his master who had already frozen on the ground. That was a hapless bunny man. At that time, he was supposed to subconsciously raise his arm to block an attack. Not only did he fail to save his life, he was cut off by his opponent’s arm and neck. After receiving the news of the iron ore attack, Richard immediately led the team. In order to hurry up, he split the Ripper team into two teams for the first time. He and the fast-footed centaur were lightly loaded on the road, leaving the others behind to catch up slowly, and the two-and-a-half