dation is far more vigorous than the manifestation!” After all, Liont is a well-known swordsmanship instructor at the Stanley Academy, and his understanding of Ayr City is deeper than ordinary people.

My confidence in El City only comes from the large magic bed crossbow hidden in the arrow tower and the magical deterrence of Lord Godfrey. I don’t believe that the great witches in the barbarian tribe dare to show up on the battlefield. 西安桑拿网

However, without the help of the great witches, what can these barbarians use to break through the city’s defenses?

I turned my head to see what Fanny’s expression was in the attic window, but she was no longer there, only Tracy squinted, hiding behind the curtains, with a mess of hair, and poking her head out to look. Outside, behind her, Cindy was wearing a thin pajamas and holding a 西安夜生活论坛 thick coat. She ran over and put it on Tracy, but she was so cold that she sneezed.

“Jia, what happened? “Tracy asked me curiously.

. The movement is a bit loud, and the savages outside the city are probably going to be really moving this time!” I stepped on the snow on the roof, held the tile eaves on the attic with my hand, and slipped in from the roof ridge lightly, and then confronted him. Lexi said: “Stop 西安夜生活第一论坛网 breakfast, I will go to the academy to see, maybe this time there is the most need for water magicians!”

“Cut, what a water magician are you! There is only one water magician in El City, and that is Lord Heidi!” Tracy said with scorn and disdain.

Cindy stood behind, looking at me and Tracy quarreling enviously.

I didn’t care about what Tracy said. I quickly sorted out the magic scroll on 新西安夜网 the writing desk, put the things I applied into the magic pocket, and rushed out of the house.

Suddenly, she rushed back like a whirlwind. When Tracy was in a daze, she gave her a hug, and when Tracy wanted to beat me, he hurriedly pushed her away, and then gave her a hug. Cindy gave them a big hug, raised his fist to them, and said confidently: “Waiting for the good news of my vic