, but you are more suitable.” Ogden 西安夜生活论坛 said.

“I heard you are dating?” Mogg asked tentatively.

“Well, we are indeed here. Date.” Albert admitted directly.

“Look, I said they will definitely come together.” Professor Browd blinked at the others and smiled. “The two of them have very similar personalities.”

“Very good, after you graduate, Get married.” Gerber Smith said, “At that time, settle in a foreign country. Don’t go back to the UK for the time being. We will all leave the UK to avoid the upcoming Second Wizarding War.”

Albert was speechless when he heard this . a.

to be honest, with the word war to describe it is a bit exaggerated.

Moreover, he knows that the so-called second Wizarding war is not like the first time continued for so long, Voldemort will soon be a savior to end.

here a few The worries about the position are undoubtedly unnecessary.

But Albert can never tell them that Voldemort quickly rushed to the street after the start of the second war.

Chapter 475 Milked Voldemort in the

house where he asked for it , and Albert is giving Izer Bell talked about what happened at the Easter dinner.

“As far as I know, there are not many wizards who really understand 西安夜生活网 astrology in the magical world. Real astrology is not like the things we learn in divination classes. Astrologers usually need enough patience. To observe the stars at night.”

Isabel stretched out his white fingers, pinched a chocolate bean from the Easter egg next to him, and handed it to Albert’s mouth.

“I only know that the horseman is very good at astrology. They are experts in this field.” Albert retracted his paw that was slapped by Isabel, and also squeezed out the chocolate beans from the Easter egg, placed them next to his lips, and prepared to feed Ize mouth to mouth. Bell eats.

“It seems that you already have the answer.” Isobel smiled and stretched out his hand to push Albert’s face aside.

“Well, I think the prediction is very likely to come true.” Especially this time, Isobel did not refuse to