However, in the original work, Professor Lu Ping gave a very effective solution. Since magic is immune, try using physical attacks. Well, for example, pop the gum into Pippi’s nose, or slap him directly.

“There are students who are using magic in the corridor! Some students are using magic in the corridor, and she wants to tear down Hogwarts!”

Pippi The ghost roared loudly, and while directing the chalk flying in the air to hit Elena, his eyes flashed with surprise and excitement. For the first time in history, he felt a strange feeling of meeting his opponent. The

white chalk head is accurate. The ground 西安耍耍网 stopped on the path of Elena’s curse

, and exploded into a cloud of white dust in mid-air. “Come on, Pippi is making trouble again! 西安夜网论坛 Ah, the wall was blown up by him again! ”

Elena yelled loudly and unwillingly, waving her wand a little bit ahead accurately. The crimson light beam pierced the dust and hit the rock wall above Pipigui’s head, blowing down a large piece of rubble, Pipigui 新西安夜网 I had to scold and twist my body and hide to the side.

“Enough! You little lunatic! Let’s tie this time!”

“No! I refuse! Explosion!”

For a long time, Elena has always believed in a point of view, that is, never negotiate with terrorists. Little wings such as Hannah and Hermione threaten her occasionally. It is a daily interaction to increase favorability. Peppies such as “little gangsters” do not have much deterrent power in front of her. You

know, Peppies may be the most suitable partner among Hogwarts to test combat power. .

as a wizard one hand, he will never have the risk of injury and dissipation, which can safely let 西安夜生活论坛 Elena’s full cast spell without fear of accidentally kills, after all, after all, she was a good-hearted Little 西安夜生活网 witch.

On the other hand, if it is only a unilateral riot, it is absolutely her own responsibility, but if it is due to the first provocation by Pippi, then the final mess is tragic, and it is also 10,000 steps back. One person and one ghost share the same b