main items seized were It’s fur and wine, and a can of golden dragon. And these idiots actually regarded the confiscated things as their own trophies, and divided them into 50-50 according to the rules of the black street. This made Eden couldn’t help but sneer. The rats didn’t know that their role was to calm down the anger of the local lord and wait for the rebel king Roland to finish. The heads of these people were natural. It will be sent to the lord who suffered losses in trade to express his majesty’s apology. As for the seized materials, they will undoubtedly be all filled into the palace’s treasury. And they actually regarded this action as a fat guy, and didn’t even notice the noose hanging around their necks, which was really ironic. “My lord, there is movement ahead!” shouted the sailor in the lookout position. Eden walked to the bow, frowned, and saw a string of black smoke rising in the distance, as if something was burning on the river course. After a while, he faintly saw a hint of gray approaching here. . There was no doubt that it was a ship, but he did not see the most striking sail. “Is it a bit faster?” The deputy stared for a moment and said. Eden also discovered this. Even if it is downstream, its forward speed is too amazing. In less than a quarter of an hour, it changes from a point as big as a thumb to the size of a palm. It is inferred that its volume is much larger than ordinary merchant ships. The other two Eagle Head ships also found the target. One of the side oars swayed quickly, as if trying to get on board this strange merchant ship in front of everyone. “My lord, shall we follow?” the deputy asked. Eden thought for a while, “Don’t worry, let’s take a look at the situation first.” He noticed that the eagle-headed ship commanded by Baron Derrick was quiet, and the warship carrying the rats had gone from side to side. Put on a posture of receiving the board. The incoming ship soon became clearly visible, and Eden gradually opened his mouth. Not only him, there was already an excla