ble to get a formula for Ivan out of thin air.

Two consecutive answers did not receive a response, and Ivan also understood that the Dark Lord in his youth was not as defying as he thought.

So the next questions become simpler, they all ask some basic spells.

The Horcrux finally had a reaction, regrouping the handwriting written by Ivan into the answer.

Perhaps because of losing face on the first two questions, or wanting to gain trust, Tom Riddle’s answer 西安桑拿网 is very detailed, and even contains some spellcasting skills that he has summarized.

After talking for a while, a series of system prompts sounded in Ivan’s mind.

[Ding, after a period of learning, your iron armor curse proficiency has greatly increased…]

[Ding, after a period of learning, your disarming spell proficiency has increased significantly…]

[Ding, after a period of learning ….]

Ivan’s heart was overjoyed, and his gaze towards the Horcrux became much softer.

This is another useful learning accelerator!

Before squeezing its use value, Ivan is temporarily Dispelled the idea of ??destroying it with a fierce fire.

Suddenly, Ivan thought of the problem he was facing now, and took a quill pen to write in the diary.

[Can you make magic items? ]


Tom Riddle silent for a moment, then answered only in the diary.


Ivan was a little disappointed. Just as he was about to close the diary, the ink suddenly began to change.

[But I know some ancient magic text knowledge!]

Seeing the words displayed in the diary, Ivan finally laughed.

He guessed that Tom Riddle should have a certain understanding of ancient magic texts or the making of magic items.

After all, when the Dark Lord just graduated, he didn’t choose another way out, but went to work in the Black Magic Shop of Bojinbok. It proves that he is very interested in ancient magic texts, most likely he has come into contact with the corresponding knowledge in the forbidden book area of ??Hogwarts, and wants to understand more deeply.

Perhaps, this is