red, George, and Lee Jordan occupied a separate compartment and played a few rounds of Wizard cards while chatting. About the secret base.

“I haven’t thought about it yet.” Albert said honestly, “but I think that place will come in handy.”

“Maybe, we can lure others to take risks there.” Fred suggested.” However, I am a little doubtful whether others can pass the Gryffindor test.”

Fred and the three are well aware that they can pass the test. A large part of the reason is Albert’s help.

“Maybe before finding a position I was eaten by the eight-eyed giant spider.” George said 西安夜网论坛 grimly.

“We can make some treasure maps.” Lee Jordan suggested, “Then, hide it in a book that might be used… …” The

four people got together to discuss this possibility. Although many assumptions were difficult to put into action, they all had a good chat.

Before getting off the bus, Fred and George also invited Albert to play at their house, Ai Burt thought for a while and finally agreed. He was really curious about what Weasley’s 西安耍耍网 house looked like. It

just so happened that he was going to see Professor Broad this summer.

After leaving the station, Albert quickly found his family. Herb was waiting for him outside the car, Daisy waved at him from the passenger seat, and when Albert walked past, a squashed big cat’s face suddenly appeared by the car window.

“I’m eleven years old. “Niya shook Tom’s tail and murmured in a low voice.


Tom fished his tail back with his paws, jumped on Albert’s knee, and licked the hair that was picked up on it.

“Yeah.” Ai Burt noticed that Daisy gave him a look and said helplessly, “If Nia can’t go to Hogwarts, will she hate me for it?”

The girl pouted and didn’t want to answer this question.

She wanted to go to Hogwarts to learn magic, but…all the signs 西安夜生活网 indicate that she may not have that magical talent.

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“Mom, Nia actually hates me.” Albert said t