e Joe’s small movements. He and several officers around him had 西安夜网论坛 already brought a gust of wind, rushed out of the command bunker in three or two steps, spreading to the left and right along the trench at the door, and gathered up to the pit in the tunnel. In front of the binoculars, he peeked toward the west.

Half an hour ago.

There was just a touch of white belly in the east, and the world was still dim and ignorant.

About fifteen or six miles from the defensive 西安耍耍网 position where Gorkin and Joe were located, a dense rustle sounded in the low woods.

A head of a body comparable to a strong bull, the whole body is black and long hair, the skinny wolf roared in a low voice, with a lot of saliva flowing from the corner of its mouth, swaying along the dense forest from west to east.

Dozens…hundreds…thousands…tens of thousands…

the number of evil wolves is so huge that they silently shuttle through the dense forest, like a blue-black sea raging and flooding. Wherever he went, rabbits, deer, roe deer and other small animals in the dense forest, and even large hibernating animals such as bears, were searched out by wolves from their nests, and torn to pieces in three or two.

In this pack of wolves, there are also a large number of thin men.

Their skin is 西安桑拿网 dark, and their cheeks have the special high-raw-red brought by the strong sunlight on the plateau; they wear coarse leather armor made of wolf skin and other animal skins, and they have a strong mutton smell.

These plateau people basically have a big hooked nose, deep-set eye sockets, raised cheekbones, thin lips, long thin faces…plus their naturally curly hair, they are naturally strong The feeling of coldness, cruelty, and unreliability.

They were mixed among the wolves, some of them rode on their backs, while others followed the wolves on foot.

Among them, most of them are carrying traditional cold weapons such as long swords, epees, and large axes. A small number of them are wearing precious metal armor in addition to leathe