No matter what I said, no, it was said by the’Hall ‘

. I didn’t think about anything strange just now. Well, converge your mind, converge your mind. Klein began to try to use the meditation method to focus his mind and prevent himself from thinking.

At the same time, the corresponding words 西安夜生活网 sounded almost synchronously beside him:

Convergence of thoughts , Convergence of thoughts, Convergence of thoughts.

It turns out that Mr. World’s heart is like this, like a kid who just entered school, constantly emphasizing things that need attention to himself, and what he meditates is actually a layer of light. The ball, it’s so beautiful, no, no, I didn’t think so, nor did I describe you that way, Mr. World, really! Audrey 西安夜生活论坛 finally couldn’t bear it when her true thoughts were constantly presented, and the corners of her mouth were raised. .

As for Leonard, around early sound echoed from the ha ha ha.

these two guys do not, why should my guy, courteous, polite Klein while listening to the words of the heart, while helpless sigh, this suits Playing Truth or Dare, maybe it’s called’Hall of Honest’.

What kind of game is this? Audrey can express her doubts without opening her mouth.

Probably it was invented by Emperor Roselle. I have to pay attention not to think about things that shouldn’t be thought of. Really, without the help of meditation, it is too difficult to condense the thoughts that diverge randomly. Klein answered while habitually in his heart. I warned myself, and as a result, I was mercilessly betrayed by the hall 西安夜生活第一论坛网 again.

This time, Audrey also laughed out:

Haha, Mr. World has such a side, I didn’t even interpret it before.

Hahaha, Klein, you too. Today, no, what did I say Leonard suddenly raised his right hand and covered his mouth.

No accident, he heard Miss Justice’s question:

Klein? And

someone’s complaint:

maybe only Secret Puppetization Stop this guy from thinking, wait, what am I thinking, exhale, calm down, calm down

Klein took a deep breath and began to focus