and despair are nothing but the medium of this ritual, and it is Lucifer’s own blood that really takes the lead.

“Well, the magic circle 西安夜生活第一论坛网 that has come has been completed, let’s look at luck next.” Lucifer stood up, “Announce, the heaven of infinite destiny, follow this ancient contract of words and spirits, Respond to me, the servant of the void.” The

blood array suddenly glowed with dazzling light on the sofa, and a burst of purple smoke suddenly appeared in the array.

They hovered, getting more and more rapid in the thick purple smoke, and suddenly 新西安夜网 there was a red light flashing.

The red light suddenly cut away all the purple smoke. So, a woman wearing black leather armor, wearing a black veil and mouth mask, holding a crimson spear in her hand, slowly opened her eyes.

Lucifer squinted her eyes at this time. “It’s actually the spirit of the Queen of the Kingdom of Shadows. It seems that my luck is very good this time.”

She looked at Lucifer and said calmly: 西安夜生活网 “It’s your projection that summoned me. Should I call you the queen of hell, or the star of dawn?”

“Just call my name.” Lucifer shrugged: “Lucifer, then, I’ll bother you this time, my Servant.”


ps: In the past two days, I was so busy with the urge to swim in the winter swimming.

Chapter 57: The script is wrong


Facing the approaching death, somehow, 西安夜网论坛 Master Karen’s muscles swelled up instantly. At the same time, he closed his mouth tightly at the same time, his chest bulged slightly. .

This change brought him back from the edge of death in an instant, but at this time his face was flushed.

This seems to be a technique for strengthening the body’s endurance by stimulating the potential of the muscles in the body in an instant.

Afterwards, Master Karen inserted 西安夜生活第一论坛网 his hands into the clothes, and when he pulled the clothes hard, it swelled a little and quickly formed a thin light film to resist the pressure around him.

After some manipulation, Master Karen slowly sighed, and the swollen muscles gradually con