derful magazine, which couldn’t even pay the 西安夜生活论坛 contributors, could not really threaten it. status “Daily prophet”, at best, only incidentally, to help it pull a wave of selling nothing.

just find the the mysterious “Teresa-Awa Callis,” everything will be back to his familiar process.

phase Compared with the more famous and more capitalized “Daily Prophet”, that poor third-rate small magazine can’t give more things to attract writers to stay. This is also the “Daily Prophet” has been standing for a long time. The most important reason for not failing is what other family can’t give, “Prophet’s Daily” can give; what other family can give you, “Prophet’s Daily” can give more.

At the same time, Lovegood’s family.

Reserve grain . With his eyes closed, he squatted quietly on the wooden table to observe the reaction of the two in the room.

西安耍耍网 The letter from the little master Elena has been sent to the master’s hand, as the Lovegood father and daughter finished reading the letter paper The whole room fell into a strange silence, as if someone was casting a silent magic.

Gu! Gu Gu! The

reserve yelled two impatiently, and the little paw scratched on the table, actively breaking quiet.


Luna Lovegood blinked, slowly put down the stationery, he raised his 西安夜网论坛head and looked at his father whispered into silence.

“That AK, I mean, if Ms. Teresa’s request is to pick up (Snorer), shall I follow you to Hogwarts?”

“I’ll go.”

Third Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-seven The title is too long to be visible temporarily.

“No, I don’t agree!”

Lovegood Xenophylius said nervously.

“Ah, yes, I admit that this era of magic is really interesting. , But all the terms of exchange should be limited to me and her. When she asks you as one of the requirements, everything is completely messed up. This is two different things.”

While talking, the man stood up, a little upset. Pacing at the table.

“But, you were very happy before.” Luna raised her head, her light-colored eyes looked at her father q