seeming to be familiar with Horner, and came to him with a smile on his face.

Teacher Lawrence.

Horner raised his head stiffly, his eyes were a bit dull, as if the soul inside. Already sinking into the darkness of his pupils,

Lawrence nodded and sat beside him,新西安夜网 still in that kindness, like the light spilling in the church.

You look like I can’t control it anymore.

Horner’s appearance is terrible, although he maintains his human form, Lawrence is very clear that the sinful blood is rampant in his body at this moment.

Horner nodded, and his movements were as rigid as his machine.

So do you need my help this time?

Horner nodded again.

I succeeded right away, and I was the last person, my mentor. The

dull voice suddenly brought a little feeling, Horner seemed to be laughing, and his voice fluctuated.

My Justice It’s about to be done, it’s about to be done. But the

gift also has a price, my child, you have already asked for it more than once.

Lawrence shook his head and looked embarrassed, but Horner said quickly. 西安夜生活网

Then I will give it to you, No matter what you want, I will give it to you, to your god.

Horner’s stout hand grabbed Lawrence’s clothes, his eyes firm and urgent.

He looked at Horner helplessly, and finally sighed. .

Yes, kids, you have succeeded.

Lawrence said softly, then remove the drug injection Ruhuo Na in vivo, agents along the vessel, surging, along with the note Ruhuo Na tense body down gradually relaxed, The restless beast fell asleep again.

Horner just looked at the forgotten church as if nothing happened after the bet, his eyes penetrated the memory, and he slowly said after a long time.

Mentor, I’m going to die, right.

Lawrence was slightly startled, as if he never thought that this dull man would say something like this.

Yes, but your dedication will make 西安夜网论坛 you rise to heaven.

He described this after death Good. But

Horner seemed to hear something funny. He smiled, and there was a little luster in his sluggish eyes, as if the dead soul r