on Zhucak’s arm didn’t mean to stop at all, it was gradually spreading to Zhucak’s wrist.

At this moment, Zhuocak opened his mouth wide and looked at Yerkes with a look of horror. He tried hard to withdraw his hand stuck to the ice shield, but it seemed to be frozen very firmly. No matter how hard he tried, There was no way to get rid of the ice shield on his hand.

Looking at the ice shield as if it were growing on his hand, the frost and snow had spread over his elbows and began to swallow his arms. The incomparable ice cold even made his arms lose consciousness. The Yerkes scholar in front of him, Zhuocak’s heart completely collapsed, he sat limply on the bluestone floor, and suddenly hugged Yerkes’ thigh.

“Master Yekis, I don’t know it’s you, I don’t know, you forgive me, forgive me, please remove the magic from my hands!” The

Yerkis scholar did not even sit down at all. The tavern owner Zhuocak, who was crying on the ground, kicked him aside, silently squatted on the ground, and carefully picked up the messy clothes scattered on the ground.

I found that the old suitcase on the ground had fallen apart. After thinking about it, I rummaged in my magic pocket for a long time, but I couldn’t make a suitcase.

At this time, Zhuocak, seeing the expressionless expression on Yerkes’ face, actually crawled to Eve’s body, hugged Eve’s legs with nose and tear, and began to speak loudly. Begging for mercy.

Eve wanted to hide, but didn’t avoid it. He was hugged by 西安夜生活第一论坛网 Zocak’s huge body and couldn’t move his calf. He stood there with embarrassment, not knowing what to do.

Yakis, who was squatting aside, found a sealed magic box from the magic waist bag, then opened the box, took out the beast leather inside, rolled it into a roll, and stuffed it into the magic waist bag again, leaving only An empty magic box.

Scholar Yerkes put the clothes on the ground in it, as if the box was 西安夜网论坛 filled with extremely precious things, then he stood up holding the magic box, glanced at the completely collapsed Zocak