no different from the pseudo-king. After a year of boring development, Roland’s strength at hand is not the same as it was at the beginning, so even though he does not intend to develop the capital city as a key city, he does not need to be completely delegated to others like a fortress. Whether it is the aristocracy or the church, he has the qualifications to take the stage. “The last question, who has ever oppressed or persecuted the people? The witches are included.” After nine questions, there are more than 50 nobles in the hall, and now there are only 10 people left. This elimination rate is not surprising. Because those who can serve in the city hall have been screened by Tiffec first. He was kicked out of the palace by those who felt that his position was improper and that the cause of Wimbledon III’s death was suspicious, and that there were seven others who had not participated in the conspiracies he had planned, and at the same time had nothing to do with the church. “Your Majesty, I am at fault.” A nobleman knelt down with sweat. “I once ordered his subordinates to beat a civilian. He rubbed the mud from his feet on my pants. I didn’t hold back for a while. But it was just a beating and did not kill him.” “I, I secretly possessed the daughter of a shop owner, but she seduced me first!” “The housekeeper took advantage of me to go hunting and slept with my wife. I The guy who didn’t pass the trial court ruling, but directly cut him off, but your majesty, shouldn’t the butler be counted?” The various answers from the remaining nobles made Roland struggle to hold back his smile. If it is normal, these things It is not a crime at all, not even making a mistake. But now, they are obviously panicked, for fear that they would be regarded as lying by concealing these problems, so that they all tilted out. When the other party finished speaking, Roland cleared his throat, “Nothing else?” “Nothing,” the nobles affirmed one after another. After a light pinch came from his right shoulder, he nodded, “Congratulatio