g .” “I know what to do, Sister Tiff.”

“How long are we going to wait here?” Nan Xiaonan squinted at the captain of the Servant at this moment: Kadilai.

Not long after they penetrated the barrier, they stopped and said they were waiting, but they didn’t know what they were waiting for in the tree house found in the forest.

It is strange to say that the place where the tree house is located actually belongs to the forbidden land, which is the sealed forest. 西安夜生活第一论坛网 It’s just that she met on the other side of the forbidden area, and here is the other side.

The barrier was actually full of a small part of the forbidden area.

“No need to wait.” Cadillai suddenly shook his head: “Let’s resume operations now, Mr. Valli said, I probably can’t wait today.”

“Okay .” , Where to go next?” Nan Xiaonan asked weakly.

“The tribe of elves.” Kadila said slowly, “I said I was going to find 西安夜网论坛 something.” “Fine

.” Nan Xiaonan shrugged, but suddenly aimed at a box in the corner of the tree house, and then calmly said: “You go down first, and I will come down later.”

“Why?” Cadile frowned.

Nan Xiaonan didn’t care if he didn’t care: “This gentleman, if you don’t mind watching a woman solve her physical needs, then stay and observe.” After

that, Nan Xiaonan reached out and untied her pants.的带。 The belt.

“Hurry up!” Cadile snorted coldly and jumped straight down.

“Tsk!” Nan Xiaonan said with a look of contempt at this time: “Don’t dare to ask for benefits for you, spicy chicken!” With

that, she immediately sank, quickly opened the box in the corner, and then took it from it. A thick diary came out.

This witch from the World Academy School squinted her eyes at this time, 新西安夜网 and by taking out the slate fragment she held, and placing it directly on the diary, the diary suddenly lit up.

It turned into a fragment of another slate, but it looked different.

“Although I don’t know why Mr. Valli is waiting here, but he helped me to find the second fragment. As expected, luck came, and I can’t stop it?”

She q