“You have finished reading that book, cough cough… water!”

Fred took a biscuit from the plate, handed it to Li Qiaodan, took a bite, and ate it. when something choked to speak.

“read, and tomorrow go to the library to return a book.” Albert 西安夜生活第一论坛网 smoothly to Fred Daolebeishui, “want to see, when to go with me, by myself.”

Mengguan With a sip of water, Fred was relieved.

” Okay , I’ll go with you tomorrow.” George said. He picked up the biscuits from the plate that Lee Jordan handed over, took a bite, and thought about it. Have you ever thought about…”

“No.” Albert interrupted.

“I haven’t finished yet…” George looked at 新西安夜网 his roommate with a speechless

expression. “Albert’s face showed an expression of “Don’t think I don’t know what you are thinking”, and reminded, “Alchemy is at least the third grade content. It is too difficult for you now, I dare You don’t necessarily understand that book.”

“I don’t believe you can’t read it?” Fred curled his lips.

If he really couldn’t read it, Albert would obviously not read the whole 西安桑拿网 book. , Because it is undoubtedly an extremely painful thing to gnaw an incomprehensible book.

The guy opposite obviously doesn’t have that kind of habit.

“Understanding and whether or not they are two different things.” Albert reminded, “Alchemy is not as simple as you think. That book is just a joke.”

“We didn’t say that we should learn alchemy.” Fred stared. Cunningly said, “We just want…”

“Well, the 西安夜生活论坛 alchemy you want…” Albert thought for a while, took out a rough cross from the pocket of his robe, and threw it to George. The amulet I made can protect you from dark creatures. If you want to learn, first practice the cutting spell. I’m teaching you.”

“You are bluffing us again!” Fred didn’t believe it, “and , Don’t you think this cross is too ugly?”

Albert said solemnly: “This thing is worth 西安耍耍网 two gallons.”

“Two gallons.” Fred and George’s voices could not help but raise a few points, looking up and down. Rough cross, it seems that I want to