eet, I don’t even know, maybe I don’t have a chance to meet again. I’m more used to let things happen naturally. , It means more casual.”

Suddenly, Caesar relaxed his body, and his tight muscles began to relax. He sighed slowly, “Your visit late at night, it’s not really for selling. It seems that I don’t have anything that I need.”

Luo Qiu smiled and said: “There 西安夜网论坛 will always be something that you and I need as long as the creatures are still acting for something. If it’s really not there, Probably there are only creatures like’as long as I can sleep’. About four hours ago, I received some prompts.”

Luo Qiu looked at Caesar’s frowning brows and said slowly: “Remind me, received. The number of souls even included the souls of a thousand pigs. To be 西安桑拿网 honest, I was a bit surprised.”

Suddenly, Caesar’s forehead was filled with sweat.

At this time, there seemed to be a kind of darkness covering him and even the darkness of the entire world that he saw did not really appear. It’s just how he feels at this moment.

“Are you?” Caesar’s expression also changed drastically at this time.

“Mr. Caesar also has a sense of humor.”

Luo Qiu smiled, “However, strictly 西安夜生活第一论坛网 speaking, I do have something to do with what you know. Or, it can be said that it is something I have only inherited recently. , The inheritance is a bit wrong, it should be said that it should be something under my name at present, will it be easier to understand.”

“Yes” Caesar was silent for a while before frowning: “The origin is very mysterious. They are all hidden, but obviously, it is 西安耍耍网 different from the cup carrying the saint’s blood that has appeared in history. Are you the one who made it?”

“I didn’t make it.” Boss Luo shook his head, “But I also have it. Ability to make it.” The

boss’s palm stretched out, and after a burst of light emerged from the palm of the palm, the one that had been destroyed by Lancelot in the Royal Auditorium was now in front of Caesar’s eyes, slowly recovering.

When the last crack di