h-level legend, and now it does not kill itself, holding the cup that he picked up Asked the way, the only goal of these strong men is this cup. I won’t tell you, unless Hydra hasn’t finished speaking, and the raised head of the snake is trampled on the ground by the Sky Screamer: Little Snake! We are not discussing with you! I told you there is no escape! It might as well die with this secret! Lord White Dragon and the 西安耍耍网 others were slightly taken aback, this Hydra is quite smart. Well, only you tell us everything about this cup, we will not kill you. I don’t believe you! Unless the Sky Screamer is another fierce kick: Give you a face! Violence can’t solve the problem, the White Dragon Lord stepped forward: But magic can be, long worms, I wonder if you have heard of soul search? Soul-searching is a kind of partial magic that directly searches the memory of the target of the operation, but the target of the operation is very likely to become an idiot because the memory is forcibly extracted, and the Hydra’s eyes show fear. Under the pressure of everyone without a bottom line, Hydra finally succumbed and said everything about the cup, which was picked up somewhere. The White Dragon Lord and others looked at Mage Ellen, and now, Mage Ellen should also 西安全城安排网 tell the hidden secret. Mage Ellen took out three contracts of the gods. Everyone, the next matter is of great importance. We have to sign a non-disclosure agreement before I can tell you. Temporary things will be made up tomorrow. “Lord of Winter of the White Dragon” is temporarily hit by something, please wait a moment, after the content is updated, please 西安桑拿网 refresh the page again to get the latest update! Chapter 406, Felicia’s Distress Is Important? The sky-screamer looks very interested: how old is it? It is related to the life accumulation of a goddess rank powerhouse, these relics are also very likely to contain the items it obtained in the floating city of the eye of truth. Lord White Dragon moved in his heart, and there was a vague guess. Why are th