or a few seconds, sent the waiter away, 西安夜生活网 and sat back at the table.

Time passed by, and the bags outside the confidential documents gradually dried out.

At this time, inside and outside the hotel . It has become quieter, only the ticking of the rain falling and the sound of the wind reverberating from the window. The

energetic Wendel recalled the various things that happened before, and sighed at the life of Miss Tracy, lifted the file bag, and turned it over. On the one hand.

At this moment, he found that the underside of the document bag was slightly damaged, and the paper inside was faintly revealed.

Wendel frowned, knowing that he would be punished.

Of course, the punishment would not be. It is too heavy, because if the confidentiality requirements of the documents are high enough, he will not be allowed to escort him 新西安夜网 alone.

Wendel originally planned to maintain the current state and show the damage to the transfer party, but he glanced at it, but passed that The hole saw a word on the file:


Wendel’s I tensed, and I felt that the wind and rain outside suddenly stopped.

Chapter 66: Shocked in the middle of the night

Why does the confidential document escorted mention Utopia?

What is special about this place?

, 西安夜生活论坛 Wendel’s thoughts flashed through his mind, and there seemed to be a buzzing sound in his ears. Reverberating. At

this moment, he had a feeling of just relaxing after overuse of his brain, as if he was about to fall ill.

Wendel quickly forced himself to calm down, carefully recalled the various experiences after coming to Utopia, and found everything There is no problem with the details, they are all possible encounters in daily life. The

only thing that makes him uneasy is that his arrival is too coincidental: it

is common for the steam train to stop temporarily due to storms, and the one that can be stopped. The site is related to the confidential documents in his hands, but it is not a coincidence that can be explained.

Wendell stared at the con