fairly satisfied that his savior is not crooked.

Chapter 362 There is a secret on the fourth floor of the 西安夜生活网 castle.

Harry Potter was not unexpectedly assigned to Gryffindor College and was warmly welcomed by everyone.

Albert even doubted if It’s not still in the branch, the professors on the main guest seat are watching, and everyone is estimated to have gathered around to shake hands with him, and have a few words by the way.

Not long after, Ron, who is the second to last, is Fred and George’s younger brothers were also assigned to Gryffindor, sitting next to Potter and becoming the envy of countless people. After the

sorting was over and Dumbledore gave a brief speech, the dinner officially began, which was originally empty the golden plates and goblets without warning a large number of food and drink

before looking at piles of food, Albert felt his hungry, he quickly add a point to the plate 西安耍耍网 like food.

had just cut When the good roast beef was delivered to his mouth, Fred curiously asked: “What does Professor McGonagall do with you?”

“About the schedule.”

After Albert swallow morsels of food, he smiled and said: “Time part of the course may be repeated, and I need to use other more special way to catch all courses.”

“Put you in half”?

His mouth Lee Jordan, who was full of food, mumbled vaguely.

“You 西安夜生活论坛 guessed it.” Albert said pretendingly. After

eating the roast beef on the plate quickly, he added a slice of tonkatsu to the plate. , Saw a few people with suspicious expressions, smiled and said: “If you don’t believe it, you can ask Percy, but he has been using the clone to catch up with all the courses.”

“Damn the clone.” Lee Jordan didn’t believe Albert at all. nonsense.

“indeed avatar, right, Percy!” Albert said to Percy.

“ah, that is, in a sense avatar.” Transfiguration being discussed with Percy Granger looked over , Noticed that many people’s eyes were on him, and he nodded helplessly.

“Then when will you teach us? If we can have a clone, it will be much easier t