d clothing stores and record 西安夜生活第一论坛网 stores nearby. It looks a little out of place.

In fact, it was the same. There seemed to be some invisible obstacles here. Ivan saw a lady trying to move forward, but took a big turn, and he didn’t even notice it.

Is this the magic to expel Muggles?

Looking at this magical scene, Ivan kind of wanted to explore how it works, but it’s obviously not the time now.

At this time, Aysia has taken him into the Broken Cauldron Bar.As

one of the important intersections between the magical world and the real world , the Broken Cauldron Bar is always a hot business at all times. On the quaint bar counter, the old and rare owner Tom Chatting leisurely with the strange-looking old witch.

The two witches and witches were sitting on the side table and whispering. A few idle drunks drank butterbeer 新西安夜网 and even whistled at Aisia, but they didn’t come up to talk presumptuously.

“I’m going to use Floo powder and fireplace!” Ai Xiya completely ignored the drunks, her face looked gloomy, and she didn’t have the gentle wind and drizzle in front of Ivan, and threw a few silver Xi Ke to the front desk. The tone was tough.

This kind of performance is very unpleasant, but sometimes it can reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble…

“Of 西安耍耍网 course, you are free…” The bar owner is a very kind person. After receiving the money, he reminded the two that the Floo powder was placed in the box above the fireplace.

“You come first, don’t move after you get there, remember, Knock Down Alley!” Aysia grabbed a handful of Floo powder and handed it to Ivan.

Ivan was a little surprised why he didn’t send it directly to the house, but he still waved the Floo powder, and the little fluorescent light was ignited by magic in the fireplace.

“Knip Alley!” Ivan said.

The faint blue flame rose up, and Ivan faintly felt that his body was a little hot, but it was not like a flame burning, and

then there was a burst of space replacement.The body seemed to be drawn into the drum and spun quickly. It made Iv