nti-smuggling team and our Tulum Port Marine Police Station over the years? Let them be more well-behaved, and our annual revenue can at least double.”

Stein Looking up at the sky, he murmured: “Mudeste, benevolent, pay more, and I can give more benefits to the children, can’t I?”

Joe vigorously looked at the dozens of names on the white paper. Nodded vigorously: “I understand, I will clean them up, father, give me some money.”

Hessian subconsciously took out his swollen wallet, and then Joe snatched the entire wallet. After making a whistle, leading a group of Rittal subordinates turned and ran.

Chapter 53: Capture Sinbad 新西安夜网

. Forty-eight Palm Avenue.

Yes, it is across the street from the small building rented by Miss Velenya.

The same neat palm grove, the same neat flowerbed, and a few white parasols like the wings of seagulls, enclose a pleasant leisure place in the palm grove.

A small round table inlaid with enamel was placed under the parasol, filled with fresh fruits and a few bottles of fine wine.

On the wine bottle, the light yellow label is covered with a dark blue seal.

This is the penalty of the anti-smuggling team of Tulum Port Customs.

Every year, every month, and every day, there are small smugglers who are lucky enough to vainly send all kinds of high-priced goods to Tulum Port who are unwilling to pay taxes according to law.

Tulum Port Customs Anti-smuggling Team is the nemesis 西安耍耍网of these small smugglers.

They are strict in law enforcement and aggressive. Once they are caught, all goods will be fined and confiscated. And these small smugglers, they will be drained of the last fountain Su in the black prison of the anti-smuggling team.

As the squadron leader of the anti-smuggling squadron, Sinbad naturally has the power to take out a little bit of insignificant good things from the confiscated goods 西安桑拿网 warehouse and give himself and his subordinates a little benefit.

This is a matter of course and righteousness. The chiefs of the customs and the upper echelons of t