pay 5 pounds in advance, and wait for you to complete the commission, and then add additional fees depending on the difficulty of the matter, but this is likely to cause disputes, even if there is a contract agreement. ”

Klein put on a way of thinking, after nearly thirty seconds before deep said:

“Perhaps you can pay 5 pounds in advance, wait for the end of the task, and then help me do three things, rest assured, there will be no difficult things, all within your ability, and will not make you feel too difficult. This can be agreed in the contract.”

Ian frowned, stood up immediately, leaned forward, stretched out his 西安耍耍网 right hand and said:


Klein shook his hand, and drew a copy from the coffee table. On the prepared standard contract, I picked up a round-bellied fountain pen, added all the details just discussed, and pressed the confirmed fingerprint.

After signing the contract, he gave the older boy Ian a stack of blank paper and watched the other party write information about Detective Zaire.

After a while, he flipped through the information and asked casually:

“If there is an emergency, or if Zaire’s condition is confirmed, how can I contact you?”

Ian pursed his mouth and didn’t speak for a long time until Klein looked up, and replied stiffly:

“You don’t need to contact me, I will show up at the right time.”

He didn’t say any more, and took out a thick stack from the pocket of the old coat. The banknotes, they seem to be stacked in strict accordance with the order of denomination from largest to smallest, very neat.

Ian first drew three 1-pound banknotes from the bottom, then counted six five-sul notes, and finally ten one-sul notes.

Seeing that the other party placed the banknotes neatly, even the portraits of several kings must face up without making any mistakes, Klein suddenly became 西安桑拿网 agitated.

This is the late stage of obsessive-compulsive disorder. He exhaled silently and accepted the payment from the other party.

According to his visual observation, Ian’s