nk. But no one knows what an opportunity is. It may require a life-and-death fight, breaking the limit under the stimulus of death, or it may only take a sleep and it will happen. After several days of crazy practice, the magic power accumulated in Amos has reached its limit. The White Dragon Lord glanced at the Dragon Brother Longmei who was still absorbing the magic power, and lay bored in the element pool. It had already customized a large alien portal to the council, but it would take a while. Suddenly, Amos thought about the dragon beast. At this time, there was just time to settle this matter. And the first stop, of course, is the most familiar white dragon family. Having made up his mind, Lord White Dragon stood up from the element pool, and the viscous liquid magic 西安耍耍网 energy rushed down his body. Taling VII, called out the safe transmission coordinates of the North Wind Ice Sheet. The sound of Taling No. 7 machinery sounded. The spatial information of the target area is being retrieved. The white dragon lord has complicated eyes. If one day, his magic tower can reach the level of the sky city, then, with the 西安桑拿按摩 control ability of the golden finger, it will definitely be much stronger than the tower spirit seven. But the distance between the magic tower and the floating city is like the gap between ordinary people and legends. This kind of thing can’t come! After the retrieval, the safety coordinates: (268964,78943,78949). The white dragon lord spoke the spell quickly, purple magic energy gathered around the white dragon, the mysterious teleportation magic circle gradually formed, the last syllable of the spell fell, and the white dragon lord disappeared in the shining magical light. The North Wind Ice Field. The howling cold wind and endless ice and snow are the eternal theme of this tundra, and Amos once again returned to this original place. The White Dragon Lord looked at the ice field below him. The ground was covered with silver snow. 西安桑拿网 Reindeer and Northland yaks were running on the ice field.