about the origin of this man and woman.

Reyaz didn’t say much, or even just an accidental omission. Therefore, Master Karen only knew that the reason Boss Luo and the maid were staying in Tianchen’s courtyard was to make a fortune with the emperor. business.

Perhaps the Emperor of the Underwater City paid much attention to this business, otherwise it would be impossible for 新西安夜网 people to live in the Tianchen Courtyard, but compared to the mysterious origins of these two people, there is no doubt that their own safety is more important.

The main purpose of Master Karen was that at this time, Luo Qiu and the lady maid wore the white couple-style protective suit, which was obviously much higher than the anti-stress device on his body. It was definitely a boutique reserve of the Royal Government.

“Professor, there is a spare set of protective clothing here, you put it on first.” Boss Luo suddenly walked to his rack and took out a gray protective clothing from the trunk, “You can put it on first.”

Master Karen was startled as the protective suit floated slowly in the sea. He still grasped his hand instantly, and then quickly put it on, “Why help me?”

“After listening to the 西安耍耍网 professor’s lessons these days, we have learned nothing. Little things.” Boss Luo smiled slightly: “Knowledge is one of the most precious things, so it’s not a big deal.”

“Very good.” Master Karen nodded quietly, but only looked at Boss Luo from time to time. Above the two planes with the maid.

Walking through the trench on foot is still unrealistic. If you use a hard drive, the chances may be greater. But for him, Longgang, and Kukai, only Kukai is obviously not enough.

“Professor.” Boss Luo shouted again abruptly.

“Yes…what’s the matter?” Master Karen was taken aback, and a certain thought just came up in his mind. He seemed to be suppressed, and he was surprised secretly, thinking that it would be unwise to act.

Make a decision and move forward. Before you figure out the origins of these two people, remember to