now, if there is only such a picture, then it only represents a long history of dust.”

In fact, what 西安耍耍网 I really fancy is not this drawing, but the information that the drawing brings to me. This floating underground world may have some savvy relics. And this matter has also been confirmed before, the magic warhammer called the space-time shatterer, the altar built by the goblin with teleportation ability, and the directional teleportation between the entire Xinliu Valley and the floating mountains. The door is enough 新西安夜网 to prove that these are the relics left by the savvy period.

And now they found a metal box with a mechanical drawing and an unknown drawing of a mechanical part, which fully confirmed: in this turbulent time, some goblin people have lost the light.

I shook my head, suppressed the complicated thoughts in my heart, and dealt with the chaos of the goblin clan first, and drove them to the deeper part of the cave is a top priority.

I brushed off the dust off, stand up: “Well, we have to take advantage of the strength, to go back to the underground warehouse rest, in underground caves, never feel in the end how fast time goes by!”

Originally The plan is to clean the goblins in the underground caves continuously until the warehouse leads to the blood pool and the warehouse leads to the underground entrance. The two passages are completely opened, and all the goblin tribes living nearby are cleaned up.

But the plan will never keep up with the changes. I didn’t expect that just cleaning up the goblins of the Danma tribe would make me and the orc warriors a little exhausted, and have to transport so many magic copper ingots back, so I think these orc warriors, It is not suitable to continue fighting.

In order to avoid the corpse poison produced by the decay of the corpse, the entire underground world will break out of the plague. We not only need to clean the scene, but also take care of the corpses of these goblins. The only thing that is fortunate is to allow Jijiru to stay. There a