most rigid performance of a standard male servant, he seems to be much more relaxed now. Mr. Richard, please come here with me. Green eyes led Richard to a corner away from the door.西安全城安排网 Problems? On the surface, Richard looked relaxed, but in reality, every muscle in his body was adjusted to a ready-to-go state, and his hands were naturally drooping in a position that was good for drawing the sword. This may be Orlando’s assassin-he wouldn’t be naive enough to think that their contradiction was resolved in this way. The so-called aristocracy is to be extraordinarily inviolable when facing the weak and have extra rules. Richard knew in his heart that the newly succeeded Marquis Wenger would definitely want to kill him to wash away the shame of the family. The earl really hopes that you can gain some advantages in the fight against the family. Green eyes unbuttoned his neckline, fanning his hand into the neckline. As a male servant of a large family, he was too rude in front of outsiders. why? Because the earl is the illegitimate son of the previous Duke of Augustus, he sympathizes with you very much. The green eyes suddenly suppressed the voice very low. The earl is even willing to provide you with a certain degree of convenience, of course, only in secret. Oh Richard nodded with joy, thinking I believe you a ghost. If you have to pull a hand just because you are 西安夜网论坛all illegitimate children, then Sauron, the old fox, can be very busy. The Northeast Province alone can make up more than five hundred, and all Pompeii can pull out a legion. This kind of reason is okay to fool the aboriginal youth, but how can it be able to fool an old ghost who has lived for two generations. But for him at this moment, it is better to have an extra ally in his heart than to be alone. What are you? Richard believes that the identity of Green Eyes is not that simple. How can ordinary male servants know the black history of the master’s house, let alone act as an intermediary in secret negotiations. You are the illegitimate son o