dies facts. All content is based on reliable historical data. Any speculation with uncertain elements is not the content of this lesson. ”

Perhaps it is a habit developed before death. Professor Bins always had some intermittent light breaths when he spoke. After a short pause, he continued to say in that dry, low and monotonous voice that has been like a day for thousands of years.

“Now, please open the textbook, let’s start this section. “The content of the class”

while talking, Professor Bins opened his notebook and began to recite those long-fading dates and names 西安耍耍网 in a dry, low and monotonous voice, as well as the corresponding locations and events. After the flashy description and story halo were removed, There are only these traces that people can leave in the long history.

Compared with the six elements of the narrative, in order to ensure the most stringent factual reliability, the content of Professor Bins’s narration will be even more To be brief, there are usually only 新西安夜网 four elements of time, place, people, and the outcome of the event. Of

course, almost less than half a minute after the beginning of the course, everyone’s attention began to distract.

However, at this moment, There was something that had never happened before in the history of magic.

Elena tapped her finger thoughtfully on the page, suddenly closed the textbook with a bang, and raised her hand high.

Professor Bins As if shocked, the voice stopped unconsciously and looked forward with a suspicious look.

“You are”

In Professor Bins’s long memory, there has never been a student who raised his hand to ask questions in the first class of school. In his impression, Hogwarts students are usually more reserved and quiet.

After all, from the history of magic In terms of teaching content, 西安夜生活论坛 theoretically, there is not much to discuss and ask questions. Most of the history is clear and conclusive, and there is no extra space for divergence.

“I am Elena, Elena Kaslan Professor Na Bins, before starting all the cou