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soon as the Lantern stretched out her hand, the little maid’s mouth was closed. Covering up the news that I just received, how could the Deng Shen willing 西安夜生活论坛 to let the little maid exhaust her wish now? It doesn’t want to wait for a hundred or thousand years before it has the chance to appear next time.

“Don’t say anything!” The lamp god said quickly at this time: “Your first wish has not been fulfilled! Of course, I know what you want to say and I will do it! Isn’t it OK for me to do it? In a wish! Anyway, now your princess is the only one left.西安夜生活网 Can I do it right!!”

Claudia blinked at this moment, looking at this strangely. The ancient elf

emmmmm with powerful mana is fine, you must be the name of the strongest tool man.

A figure slowly floated up from the ruins of the temple at the bottom of the big pit, bathed in a twinkling golden light, like the sun.

A-Lian’s body, holy brilliance, shone on everyone who wakes up, making them feel a soft 西安桑拿网 warmth.

“I…I am the new saint” The little maid’s voice trembled a little at this time. “From today on, you are all my people and rebuild this city of the sun with me.”

Shaking her head, Claudia took a deep breath, and then resolutely walked into the collapsed temple.

She has never forgotten what her original purpose was for going deep into the desert and experiencing so many encounters this time. She found the one 西安耍耍网 holding a screen, hung her head, and sat on the ground in the depths of this broken temple. The figure of a man who doesn’t move.

she probably needs to say something. Laudia, oh, no, the princess had just told her a lot of things, but she couldn’t remember most of them. There were only a few words that she said desperately.

“This child, there is no problem, right” Claudia looked 西安夜生活第一论坛网up at the holy brilliance in the sky. Strictly speaking, the special effects added by the tool man of Djinn were quite outstanding.

“Father, I finally found you” Claudia came to the man’s side, sat down slowly, and said with a complicated expressio