nd George don’t care, they care more about Warrington who won the Slytherin. 西安夜网论坛

“Won.” Fred announced happily.

“Isn’t it normal?” Albert was speechless. Looking at the two of them, it was impossible for them to lose from the beginning. It

was just that this word reached the ears of Slytherin students, I don’t know why it is so harsh, what is called normal?

Is it normal that we Slytherin will lose something

good gas, he wanted to hit a good meal ah.

Chapter 86 I heard you hit the 西安桑拿网

weekend, the sun was shining.

breeze brought coolness of autumn, out of Gryffindor Tower looking down from the windows, you can see on the lawn Students

frolicking and playing. The door to the entrance of the lounge revolved and opened. Lee Jordan just climbed in from the corridor, he looked up, his eyes fell on Albert by the fireplace, and he walked quickly over and said as he walked. , “Albert, I heard you beat the Slytherin students.” 新西安夜网 As

soon as this was said, many people in the lounge turned their heads and looked over here, as if She is very interested in this topic.

“Oh.” Albert stopped what he was doing, raised his head and looked at Lee Jordan, who was walking towards this side, and asked with a puzzled face, “What is it that I beat the Slytherin student?

” Literally.” At

this time, 西安夜生活第一论坛网 the entrance to the Gryffindor lounge was opened again, and Fred and George hurriedly crawled across the corridor.

“I heard that you beat the Slytherin people.” As soon as he entered the lounge, he looked up and down Albert, and said after a long time, “Good job, next time, remember to call us.”

“What’s the matter?” Albert asked.

“You don’t know?” George Looking at the people around him suspiciously.

“I don’t know.” 西安耍耍网 Albert shook his head, “I have been practicing the cutting spell.”

“But everyone is talking about it!” Fred looked at the doubt on his friend’s face. , Already realized that something was wrong, “Just now, they said…”

“Stop, I don’t remember that I hit someone.” Albert immediately stopped the