efore, I did not adopt the wording at the end of the second part, but only slightly rendered the war. The atmosphere and the reactions of different people.

This also led to the question that the chapter did not have enough 西安桑拿网 pre-emotional bedding. Of course, I did not write that chapter as a climax. For me, it was just a story structure that was more important. The point, it’s important not to sensational, not to scream in the heart, but to change the state of Klein from the beginning to the present that Klein has no big purpose and no strong appeals, and stretch the rest of the plot.

So, what I need is Clear, with a certain degree of explosive power, nailed 西安耍耍网 into the plot like a nail, tightening the story behind.

Considering this purpose, I finally adopted the repeated questioning technique in this book that I did not intend to use, because if Use the side, or outline, and implicit method to express, the whole point that needs to be protruding will not be clear, which will cause the emotions to be conveyed in the later story to be far 新西安夜网 from enough, if it were not for the existence of the previous chapter, and Bell The emotions and emotions hidden in Nadai’s dialogue can’t be presented in such an understatement. As for the way of talking with other people’s objects, I wrote a page at the beginning, which is very embarrassing, many times more embarrassing than asking myself.

Of course, Because it is a temporary measurement 西安夜网论坛 and a temporary change of writing, there are a lot of repetitions in that part. At that time, it was because I wanted to let my emotions slowly relax, and then tighten, um, now it seems that the passing is too late. Sometimes, I have to remind myself repeatedly. Restrain these two words.

For war, because of the entire style of the front, it is unlikely that Xiaoke will go directly to the battlefield. I am not very good at describing 西安夜生活网 specific wars directly. At most two or three battles will be highlighted to achieve the purpose of delineating the situation. Next, the effort