rrowed the lake water to wash the clay pot in his hand, and at the same time asked Nanjing 西安夜生活第一论坛网 Longfeng.

“Gold mine?” Nanjing Longfeng shook his head when he finished speaking, “If it were a gold mine, there shouldn’t be such a little space.”

“I think this may be the stronghold of ancient Arab merchants.”

Great Ivan was already using cleaning while speaking. The clean clay pot was filled with water, and it was dumped on the side of a red stone not far from the water pool, 西安夜生活网 and then smeared on it with gloves.

When the remaining half-clay pot water was poured again, he pointed to the inscription on the stone and said, “Although I don’t understand, it should be a Quran carved in Arabic. For the Arabs who are traveling in the desert. In other words, these colored stones have the same function as Qingzhen Temple.”

“Do you know all this?” Nanjing Longfeng came over and looked at the handwriting 西安夜网论坛 on the stele curiously.

“Nasha collected a lot of information for this expedition.” Big Ivan handed the jug to Nanjing Longfeng. “These Arabs made a lot of gold from the Ghanaians at that time.”

“When are you talking about Arabs?” Nanjing Longfeng took the jug and glanced at it, then lost interest.

“Then I don’t know, that’s a headache for archaeologists.”

“Ivan, do you think there are any treasures 西安夜生活论坛 under this small water hole? For example, ancient gold coins?”

“The Arab businessman is crazy? Do you think they throw their hard-earned gold coins into the water?” Big Ivan lit a cigarette on a stone with scripture, “Wake up my brother, this is just a water storage well, not a wishing pool. . ” ”

try not to know the “Nanjing Dragon touches to the mood, taking good metal detector 西安桑拿网 assembly from the backpack, turn on the power probe into the water.

Unexpectedly, when the extended probe bottomed out, the metal detector actually gave clear signal feedback!

“It should be gold, and it’s very clear.” Nanjing Longfeng pulled out the metal detector and put it aside. “It seems that even then there would be bor