uses high-pressure steam in essence, but it is efficient. It is much higher than a reciprocating steam engine.” This is the revolutionary product Roland has conceived for a long time. It can be said that it is also out of this original intention to let the basic industry get rid of the restriction of the witch-in this way, Anna can concentrate on higher-end mechanical production. The steam turbine is his attempt in this field. The use of steam turbines is extremely wide. It can be used as marine power or thermal power generation, especially the latter-it is foreseeable that Earl Speer will have to stay in her town for a long time after the Dragon Ridge is recovered. To deal with government affairs, it is difficult to rely on the magic power of Miyue alone to maintain the night lighting in the factory area, let alone the electricity supply project in the residential area. Roland certainly does not want to admit that this is a planning failure caused by his lack of experience, and wants to make up for it. This mistake can only use conventional means to generate electricity. Due to the inherent defects in the circulation principle of the steam engine, the current sent out is high and sometimes low, and the circuit voltage stabilization is Roland’s weak knowledge. Therefore, the steam turbine with more stable output and higher thermal efficiency is a more suitable choice. “What should I do first?” Anna asked. “Like the gunboat last time,” Roland turned to the page with the blades. “Create a working verification model. It doesn’t need to be too big, just about one meter. It mainly solves the angle of the blades and allows high-pressure steam. Pass each static leaf grille smoothly. As long as you do this step, you will be most successful.” Without detailed data, want to make a usable product like this? Only trial and error. Regarding the core of the steam turbine-the impeller part, Roland did not worry about the difficulties in processing. Heihuo’s cutting accuracy is far better than the finishing machine tools of lat