the symbol of the Kingdom of Wolfheart, and the ruler of the mountains and cliffs. They can give birth to three to four cubs in a litter, but not all of them will survive. Do you know why this is?” Slowly said, “Because the female wolf will kill the cubs that cannot be fed according to the feeding situation. In this way, the remaining young wolves can be provided with sufficient supplies, so that the offspring that grow up in this way can survive in the difficult environment of the cliff. Keep going.” Effie opened her mouth, but didn’t know what to say. “If you reduce the feeding of each cub, they can indeed survive, but they are just alive. The young wolves lack sufficient nutrients to grow up and cannot hunt independently. It is no different from waste. They cannot get out of the nest. There will be no chance of reproduction. If things go on like this, the rock wolf race will disappear completely. What do you think of?” “I” Hetty lifted her jaw, “Child, this is the revelation given to us by the gods. The witch must be like a beast in order not to be cut off under cruel oppression. And the powerful combat witch is naturally the representative of the entire race, such as you now!” The candlelight shook, and Yifei did not hear the cheers. However, he felt the invisible force that came like a tide behind him. It was mixed with the emotions of excitement, excitement and excitement of the witches present, like a silent volcano. After a while, she hesitantly asked, “What if there is enough food for each wolf pup?” “Then they are not wolves,” Heidi smiled, “but dogs.” Whip lashes There was a crisp sound on her back. “Fool, I can’t complete this amount of training. I really ate so much food for nothing! Say, what lash is this?” “Twenty-four,” Effie gritted his teeth. In response to her was the next flogging, blood and sweat ran down her back, wet her pants . “That’s it for today. If the training continues like this tomorrow, the whipping will be doubled.” The red-haired woman threw a large steak among the four witches w