dissipated in the air, and then condensed into an ice arrow in the horrified eyes of the old witch, and instantly hit the old witch’s body. On the shield.

The entire magic shield on the old witch was covered with a layer of light blue ice crystals by my Frost Arrow technique, but the magic shield seemed very strong. My Frost Arrow hit it, just making the magic shield appear slightly slightly Trembling.

The old witch saw the magic scroll that was thrown out, and it had no effect on her magic shield. Her morale increased immediately. She activated the magic one after another, and her fiery fingers pointed at me again.

I controlled the ice shield to block the hot flames on the old witch’s fingers, and that flame only melted the huge ice shield in front of me in just three seconds.


The flame rushed towards me. I sat on the sofa with my legs on the floor. I quickly let my body fall on my back with the sofa, and the flame between the old witch’s fingers passed along the tip of my nose.

At this moment, the door of the room was hit by a huge force and opened. Moraya and a dark green poisonous flower vine rushed in from the outside. Ya held a cane spear in her hand and decisively pointed towards the old witch When it was thrown, the rattan spear turned into a rich green, and it slammed into the magic shield. The emerald green wood magic elements shook the magic shield, but this solid magic shield was not able to be elegant magic after all. The spear 西安夜生活网broke.

My heart was surprised secretly, wondering what kind of magic this was, and how strong the defensive power was.

There was hardly 西安夜生活论坛 any time for the old witch to breathe. The poisonous flower vine, which was thicker than the thighs of an adult man, threw directly on the old witch’s magic shield, and the seven or eight-meter-long huge turquoise body was directly wrapped around the magic shield. , The huge power turned the magic shield into shape, but no matter how the fierce poisonous flower vines twisted and twisted the huge body, the magic shie