s the talent brought by her own sequence. There has never been a mistake before.

– She can pick from several sealed boxes out of that, no additional auxiliary hidden valuables, of course, she can not tell specifically what, just know that compared to other terms, certainly more precious.

Like Road Mr. Dantès, there must be a very valuable item on 西安夜生活第一论坛网 her body. Hajol slightly hooked her mouth and turned her attention to the soft soil in the front.

She sensed that a lot of spirituality was converging below, creating an anti-worm. The attraction of the ghost. It

is not the human body. Some used spiritual materials should have been thrown away separately, but they were buried together, resulting in unnecessary changes. Harou’s eyes darkened a little, 西安夜生活论坛 and there was never a concealed spiritual characteristic. In and change, she interpreted the situation under the soil.

She raised her chin slightly and looked back at the small building, thinking that Portland Mormont’s family had at least one supernatural ability.

And if you don’t deal with this problem in the corner of the garden, let’s go. In the past few days, here and the nearby houses will be 新西安夜网 haunted!

Harou’s eyes retracted, stretched out his left hand, aimed at the soil in front, gently squeezed, twisted his wrist.

The spirituality gathered there suddenly disappeared, and it seemed to be given to him. I stole it.

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Chapter 53 Triss’ Discovery

100 Berklund Street, Portland. Mormont House , The corner of the garden.

Many ants and bugs gathered here began to 西安夜网论坛 disperse, and the feeling of gloomy cold became weaker and we