le, and the restraints finally couldn’t support it anymore, the silver-white cylindrical rivets Bounce one by one, shining the light.

The process of the

68th chapter of the upper limit gradually taking over the 西安桑拿网 entire black angel is wonderful, just like a person who has lost everything and regains his senses, first can see, hear, and possess The arm that punched out the punch, followed by the iron feet that could leap forward.

Blood couldn’t stop pouring from the wound in the chest. If the firepower of the armored firearms increased a bit, this blow might directly destroy the black angel. , With burnt flesh and red steel, its figure was a bit distorted and staggered, but it still stood up hard, like a dying but crazy mob.

gates are all sealed, the elevator platform rises to the highest point, and Ye Xiao’s ears are also noisy electric currents. He knows that it has happened. What.

Sure enough, it is still out of control, just like the ending of many generations of armored drivers, even the demon hunters can’t avoid this curse.

Ye Xiao is not afraid, at this moment he suddenly has a hell of a sense of mission, and it turns out to a certain extent The last three generations of armor do have reliable combat power. Although they are not as good as the first generation of armor, through external armor and weapons, it can barely catch up with the previous generation of armor. The

most important thing is the stability 新西安夜网 of the third generation of armor, which represents it. It can be mass-produced. In the future, driving armor will no longer be something that knight commanders can do, and the combat power of the entire cleaning mechanism will increase by a big cut.

This is an honor and the time to prove yourself has arrived.

calmly clenches the blade, just like a normal sword dancer standing on the spot, as long as the black angel can’t break through its defenses, it has the confidence to control the master’s loss of control The black angel. The

weird laughter suddenly sounded, which seeme