ganization also has some systems. If we can develop potential members, it will have some advantages in itself. Although I don’t care about these things, I do occasionally. There are things you want. But in fact, only people can master many things.”

“Are there many?” 西安桑拿网 Dazhe couldn’t help asking.

Musashi shrugged and said, “In fact, even I don’t know how many of us there are. Most of us don’t know how many there are in total. There are currently five more active ones, but you want Knowing who it is, you need to join us first.”

Dazhe shrugged and said that he didn’t intend to ask any more. Musashi didn’t mind, so he picked up the wine 新西安夜网 bottle hanging from his waist and took a sip, and finally gave it back to Dazhe. Zhe handed it over.

Dazhe was also welcome, took a sip after holding the gourd, he touched his lower lip, and suddenly asked: “Yes, you just mentioned that the Yongye Palace was built after you brought some materials one after another. In other words, Yong Ye Palace was not originally like this? Maybe it existed early in the morning?”

“Yeah!” Musashi nodded, “You 西安夜生活论坛are careful to listen to things, and Yong Ye Palace is not strictly speaking. What we built, it seems to be a dilapidated building floating in the cracks of the dimension for an unknown period of time. I heard a watcher of the Yongye Palace say that the Yongye Palace seems to be something before the old generation. The palace left by the super powers of the old generation.”

“西安耍耍网 The old generation, the new generation?”

Musashi said: “There was a very tragic incident in the cracks of the dimension. I heard that in this incident, most of the super The strong were directly defeated, and there are not many remaining. We heard that all of us have survived from that era, and later gradually developed the organization of the

Transcendence.” After speaking 西安夜生活网 here, Musashi groaned slightly: “Speaking of it. , I have also guessed that since this Yongye Palace is a product of the old generation, is it in the old generation, the g