said: “Even if the opponent is a very powerful elder in the clan, it is not Mr. Wali’s opponent. No one knows the rules of this game better than him, so there has never been any challenger who can Defeat Master Valli. Actually 西安桑拿网 you still have a chance. I said that if you choose to team up with Master Valli, he might look at it for me and Tiff’s sake and promise you so that you can avoid

I’ve been punished .” “But in this way, Mr. Valley won’t have an opponent.” Boss Luo smiled and said: “Look, in order to prevent you from being punished, Mr. Valley will form an alliance 新西安夜网 with us. The same. In fact, in order to prevent Mr. Nelson from failing and being punished, he will also form an alliance with Mr. Nelson and even the housekeeper of the castle, Mr. Gardener, the same. By the way, there is also Miss Gong Linna, as Mr. Valley’s sister, I I don’t think Mr. Valli would want to see her in an accident. In this case, Mr. Keau is the only opponent, but”

The twins looked at the handsome and beautiful maid, Los boss lightly: “Mr. Keao, among the first few rounds, you’ve failed.”

This is

in 西安夜生活网 accordance with His theory is actually according to her own account, the only After the opponent Mr. Keao has already lost, the game has actually become an end.

But the game is still going on.

I only heard Boss Luo say softly at this time: “Mr. Valli, I don’t know if there will be 西安夜网论坛 times when I think about it like this. For example, if I don’t bring these servants this time, I will only try to win by myself.”

Twin maid Tina He stopped abruptly and looked up, his face pale.

“Of course, this is just a hypothesis based on what I don’t know about Mr. Vali. It can’t be true. Take this as an insurance. After all, we are teammates now.” Boss Luo threw the life potion in his hand 西安夜生活第一论坛网 here. In front of the maid, “Don’t worry, let’s continue on our way. We’re going to arrive.”

When the potion was thrown, Tina instinctively reached out and took it.

At this moment, she looked down at the potion she was holding in her ha